Engaged in Dana Point

Engaged in Dana Point

Butterflies flutter in my tummy and chills rush down my spine every time I shoot moments of surprise. This, coupled with the fact that proposals are super fun to plan and to shoot, intensifies the mood by 100.  Mix together the passion, love, and the sentiment, and viola, you have a beautiful surprise proposal session on your hands. This post: Engaged in Dana Point , inspires me in so many ways by the love that was so effortlessly portrayed by this couple! Read on for the story, some pics of the couple, and the beautiful bling bling engagement ring!

Kody & Sophie

Kody and Sophie have been together for four years! They are your classic high school sweethearts and just absolutely adore each other. As I have gotten to know them, I see their hearts are completely for each other. It’s a beautiful thing! Kody had been planning to surprise Sophie with the question, and methodically planned out a romantic date for their four year anniversary that had a super sweet ending. He gathered their closest friends to plan, and execute, calling all hands on deck to create an absolutely GORGEOUS scenery overlooking the ocean in Dana Point.

The Gazebo

It was such an incredible atmosphere as I watched their friends set up the scene. The Gazebo went through a complete makeover, and the passerby’s couldn’t help but stop and comment on what a brilliant decorating job everyone had done. As time drew closer, the candles were lit, the stage was set, and the waiting began. Kody walked Sophie down the path of a candlelit, rose petaled aisle while I captured her reaction stealthily behind a bush (a rosee bush hehe 😉 …). Her face was priceless, and even in tears she looked flawless and incredibly happy!

I don’t know how men do it, but Kody absolutely owned it! This moment left me with a tear in my eye, but I made myself snap out of it. After all, I had to focus on the angles (hehe). When the initial shock wore off, they were both elated, the tears stopped, and I had never seen one girl smile so big! She could not stop staring at the gorgeous bling that sat on top of her dainty (nail painted) finger. This session was a huge success on all accounts! Oh yeah… She said YES! hehe

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