Newport Beach Wedding- Rosee Creatives

Newport Beach Wedding

Hey friends, welcome to my post: Newport Beach Wedding. Here you will see a snippet of my work from one of my favorite weddings in 2017. You can find out more about me and all the fun projects I have worked on here.

Rosee Creatives Wedding Shoot

 I enjoy details, and I understand that every little aspect of the wedding is important, consequently I spend hours editing photos of rings and decor. In my opinion, the floral arrangements, seating chart, and wedding cake are truly what make the wedding a wedding. Ask any photographer, the bride and groom always appreciate the great photos like those of grandma smiling at the dress. My favorite photos of the bride and groom are the candids, which require skill in capturing. Most of all, It gives me so much joy to encapsulate the emotion of the moment. Now, I invite you to let your eyes wander below. I attached some photos from my favorite wedding this year.

Newport Beach Wedding

Since it’s now December, and I’ve shot my last wedding of 2017, I thought I would share my favorite shoot from this year. First, I must mention the colors were gorgeous. The rich purples, and lush greens of the venue were so aesthetically appealing. Let me tell you, my senses were so happy to edit these pics later on. It seemed like we were in a dreamy enchanted forest. In addition, the cake and floral arrangements so eloquently matched the overall elegance of the setting. Not to mention the bride was so gorgeous.

I loved the way that they looked at each other with so much love, and smiles so bright that I myself couldn’t stop smiling. I have attached the moments of their intimate looks at each other because I think they pertain most to the theme of the wedding. This story is of a beautiful bride and her handsome husband who love each other more than words can express.



This bride had some amazing vendors at the ceremony:

Hair and Makeup: Ashley Gannon

Florist: Love N’ Bloom

Venue: Environmental Nature Center

Cake: Sweet Legal Eats

This venue was spectacular. The different vendors also pulled off an amazing scenery that made the entire experience lovely and affordable.


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