Victoria Beach Maternity

Victoria Beach Maternity

HELLO friends, I hope you’re kicking this new year off with a  BANG! Speaking of kicking, I had the awesome opportunity to capture a beautiful Victoria Beach Maternity session for a couple who are some super talented soccer players. You know that baby is having a field day kicking around in momma’s tum tum 😉 !! The mood/inspiration for this shoot was set by dramatic burgundy tones and an enchanting sunset. Scroll down for the story and a sample of my faves (as well as some comedy… Daddy’s got some jokes!)

The Shoot

This beautiful momma-to-be was such a TROOPER. Notice that she’s in bare feet, okay, and those rocks are like little daggers with every step! She insisted on continuing bare foot through the entire hour and a half. Why? Because she’s a tough cookie, that’s why!! It was also pretty chilly with the wind, but again, she wanted to be captured raw, and I loved that about her. I’m so inspired by pregnant women. She has been carrying a small human inside of her for 30 weeks, and that in itself is an incredible feat. Dad was also so fun to work with. Their baby girl is going to be so loved and absolutely spoiled with THE COOLEST BABY NIKE SHOES I HAVE EVER SEEN. Honestly I think they have about 6 pairs haha! What do you expect from two former college soccer players?

I featured this image on my Instagram page (@rosee_creatives) because it really spoke to me as a photographer! Look at her passion for crying out loud. It’s so beautiful to see her investment and recognize her own beauty in the process of carrying a child. Again.. Inspiring.

This was my first time photographing at Victoria Beach in Laguna! I loved the easy access to the sand and the fact that there were other legitimate photographers roaming around with their clients. It’s kind of fun to see what others are inspired by.

More Precious Moments

When I was capturing the shots by the Victoria Beach tower, I was taken back by how well the scene depicted this fairytale kind of surreal Victorian scene. It reminds me of Rapunzel like it was straight out of a storybook. They made it look so romantic as well which is just an added bonus!



Before the shoot, I hopped in their car to find parking close by, because, let’s be real Laguna Beach is not notorious for great parking. I barely fit because they had picked up these super awesome beachball balloons. They were cream, burgundy, and all types of fun and we were able to incorporate some really beautiful shots with them as the sun was setting. The timing of it was tricky and I had to move super quick and be on my toes and have laser focussed vision because there was only about a 10 minute span when the wind died down and the sun was still giving enough natural light to the scene to take some great shots.

Dad’s Got Jokes

As promised, here are some of the playful shots. My favorite is the one where she doesn’t know he is photobombing her with his pseudo pregnant belly. Guys, how do you distend your stomach’s so far!?! It’s very disturbing, but makes for some good comedy haha.

Love Editing

After this shoot, I am totally looking forward to having more maternity sessions coming up! I think one thing that distinguishes my work from others, is that I literally spend hours going through each photograph I take and find its value. Sure, not every shot is a winner, and some are downright losers when I forget to adjust the lighting in a new location, but when I feel it, I spend the extra energy to pull out the emotion in the details. I use my own presets as well! The color corrections I have used for this shoot are based off my Rosee Preset “less purple”.


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