Photo Essay

Photojournalism tells a story through pictures. As a photographer, engaging these assignments is quite an honor. For one, I got to spend real time as a journalist getting to know the subject and telling his story through photography. Additionally, I gained a couple friends and an understanding for a culture outside of my own.

This was an assignment submitted for an art show that received nomination for awards in best photography. ENJOY!



Any soccer player would understand the symbolism of this photograph. The tattered ball and the clean pair of Nike’s is all part of the game. The story here lies in the Wilson soccer ball and the control exhibited by his skillful touch.


A man who understands a woman willingly smiles for iPhone selfies.


His whole life has been spent with a ball glued to his feet. He played in France, Romania, Spain and Sweden, as well at universities in the United States and Canada. He introduced me to some European customs that he picked up along the way.



My favorite of the bunch. In photography terms, this is a pan. It shows the intensity, and the motion that symbolizes soccer, the world sport.Nick6

Could anything beat this moment? So sweet, at the end of the day  we all need a friend to watch a sunset with.


This image is another one of my favorites. Imagine the hours it has taken him to perfect the skill. They say that mastery is a 10,000 hour practice. This has got me wondering, how many hours has he spent in training, in preparation for skills that seem impossible to most.


He greets his girlfriend with such a loving demeanor. The kisses on the sides of the cheek are a cultural custom he picked up while in France. Fantastic display of affection.Nick8

What a view. The sun was setting this day at the perfect location, and he was messing around with the ball as I hid and watched and waited for the perfect opportunity at the money shot.


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