1st Birthday

This precious girl is one year old! I had the opportunity to take photos of her older brother when he was just a little baby a few years ago.

The theme of this session was cleverly decided. Mom created the best little tea party and got daddy in on the fun too. They were so sweet and the babies behaved so nicely. You can tell by the images, she is one happy little girl. What an amazing shoot and even more amazing family!

She kept reaching for the biggest tea pot right in the middle of the shoot. It was probably the cutest little bargain I ever made with any person, ever. She would trade the baby tea cups for the bigger sugar pots and finally she decided she just wanted the HUGE tea pot ! So precious, her little fingers and big brown eyes were my favorite.

If you’re interested in family portraits, please fill out the contact sheet below and someone on the team will reach out within 24 hours!

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