Reata Park Magic

This year came with many surprises, but ultimately, surprises make life exciting right!? what would life be if it were normal and planned anyway? I have to applaud and laugh, this session turned out BEAUTIFUL, but not without a little rain to kick it off. in fact, we were in our cars texting each other to RESCHEDULE. When all of a sudden, the sky cleared and the most beautiful array of color and depth filled the sky…

Yeah …. and to think we almost rescheduled!?

Anyway, this bunch are classified as a family of troopers, and we had so much fun, with such a variety of backgrounds to choose from. I love this park for that reason. One angle, it feels like fall, the next, it’s like you’re in a quaint cottage town, and turn around once more, and you’ll find groves of beautiful lemons all in a row ready for photographing.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, they really were that CUTE!!!

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