8 Makeup Must Have’s for the Best Engagement Photos

8 Makeup Must Have’s for the Best Engagement Photos

Hey Friends! We are getting to the time of the year where Engagement Season is totally underway. YAY!!! Spring and Summer bring unique challenges to your wardrobe, like heat :). If you are like me, you know the difficulty of trying to keep your face looking fabulous while you battle sweat, wind, oiliness, or just simply baggy under eyes. UGH. I want nothing more than for my brides to feel like they ready to take their best engagement photos, so read on for my 8 Makeup Must Have’s !

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Speaking of eyes, the very first thing that you will notice about an image of yourself, is inadvertently your face and specifically your eyes. You’re going to desire that soft dewey look with a sun kissed glow and kiss of perfection, am I right?

I have a few products that I swear by and recommend to clients that will keep you looking fresh for the entire day. Yep, you heard that right, these products are winners in my book, so without further ado, here are my 8 makeup must-haves for the best engagement photos!

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1. Eye Primer- Thrive Causemetics Eye Lift 360 (MY FAVORITE).

My eye shadow does not move when I put this on as a base. A little goes a long way, it’s a small tube, but honestly it lasts a super long time and I love it! I always have had trouble with the creases of my lid getting oily due to the shape of my eye lids, but with Thrive’s Eye Lift, I literally never even have to touch up the lid through an entire day. It’s my go to and favorite makeup product , after searching for YEARS for something that held up to my oily lids, I will never use anything else!

2. It Cosmetics CC+ Foundation

I discovered this foundation 4 years ago, when I was looking for something light weight, that had sun protection. I also hated the feeling of wearing makeup, and I wanted something that gave me a soft finish but also didn’t feel caked on. I had used MAC cosmetics for years, but my skin was not a good match for their products (too oily!). Needless to say, I am a fanatic over the CC+ cream from IT Cosmetics, they have 22 shades of pure goodness for many skin tones. I have quite fair skin, so I go with a light/fair color variation. This specific foundation also has a brightening/glow serum. Honestly it’s everything you want for your upcoming Photo Session and your every day life to pop just a little bit more. When the sun hits just right, you literally are a glowing goddess that can’t be stopped !

3. Tula Rose Glow – Under Eye Brightener

Y’all, if you are not on the Tula band wagon yet, time to hop aboard. I use this every single day. Tula offers a few iterations of their under eye brightening, the link below is the Rose Glow, which literally is like a gorgeous shimmery highlighter that also helps take away under eye swelling and bags. It has a cooling sensation as well, so if you just got out of a steamy shower it’s the perfect littler pampering touch to wake up those sleepy eyes. this product also lasts a very long time. I use it as highlighter under my eyes, and extend it to my upper cheek bones to accentuate my features. Another must for me when prepping to be in front of the camera!

4. Eye Liner Stamp

This sounds a little ridiculous , but honest to goodness, It’s a perfect wing every time. I tend to sharpen the end of the wing with the tip of the pen side after it has been stamped on, but it is well worth the $5-$7 to do an easy stamp and go on a perfect little wingy . I tend to feel that liquid liner stays better and has more ‘weight’ to it than pencil. I buy a brown shade to soften my eyes (my eyes are green, so brown compliments very well).

5. Benefit Brow pencil

I love a good brow. In photos, I tend to feel that eyebrow shaping is important. When the brows are too strong, it can be a distraction from the beauty of your eyes, and other features of your face. However when they are too light, the look doesn’t quite have that look of completion you might be going after. It’s fun to play around with different brands , this is my go to , for many reasons, but most importantly, it looks like an extenuation of my natural brow without being overbearing on color and weightiness. Benefit is my favorite brow brand for sure!

6 & 7. Ardell Natural Lashes & Duo Lash Glue (Dark)

I use false lashes nearly every single day of my life. I have gotten so used to wearing the Ardell Natural lashes that they might as well be my own. Of all the cosmetics that might go in to your photo session “day of” look, I would say that lashes are likely to make the most difference in terms of making the eyes pop out. Seriously, it’s science – longer lashes make the appear bigger by adding contrast, and studies suggest that bigger eyes are subconsciously more aesthetically appealing. I recommend the Ardell Natural Lashes that I linked below, they are my daily wear lashes, and provide just enough length for that extra pop without compromising too much of your natural lash !

8. NYX Makeup Setting Spray Mist

We’ll call this old girl the finishing touch. This tops me off to ensure that there is no movement to my makeup all day long. Before long lasting Matte Lipstick, I used to put this on my lips and it secured the color for HOURS. Now I generally mist it on my face after a job well done, as I am running out the door to my photo session with Rosee Creatives 😉

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