Everything you need to know about Rosee Creatives Photography

What do you do?

Portrait/Family Photography, Weddings, Events, and Commercial are all within my repertoire. I’ve shot in many unique settings, my most popular bookings are family and weddings!

How Much do you Charge ?

Portraiture is my most popular booking. These sessions begin at $350, and are On-location sessions, including 1 hour of shoot time. If you have a wedding inquiry, please contact me using this link!

What is included in the portrait investment?

Your portrait sessions will come with an online proofs gallery with high resolution digital images. The sitting fee includes 25 images of your choosing, and you can opt to purchase more images after viewing the proofs gallery!

Additional Images are sold in blocks of 5 for $30, or 1 for $7. You can opt to purchase the entire gallery for $125. There are typically 100+ images, over a $500 value.

The 25 images you select will include retouch ; items such as ‘temporary blemish’ removal (birthmarks stay!), teeth whitening, skin softening, and removal of distracting items from the background.

How will I get my Images?

You will receive a link to an online gallery and software that I use to upload and store your images called Pass Gallery. With Pass, I am easily able to see your favorites and selections and also give you a peak at some of my favorites! The images that are ‘Proofs’ are not elgiible for download.

After you select your favorite images, 25 and beyond!, I will begin the final phase of retouching. You will see your images uploaded to a tab labeled ‘Final Images’ which will be eligible for download.

Your Gallery link will be live for a few months, and I will send you an email in advance once I will plan to take it down. I keep the images on file, so you can come back to me and ask to review past sessions for purchase.

Why should we book you?

I’m so glad you asked! More on this in my About page, I like to think that you’ve stumbled to my page for a reason, and since you’ve scrolled this far, it is safe to say you’re interested! I could tell you what you want to hear, but I think the truth is, my passion and drive for delivering excellent images and a stellar client experience outweighs everything else.

With half a decade of experience, in a variety of settings, I can confidently tell you I’ve got something for everybody, and I’m excited to explore what that something is for you and your family, business, and beyond.