Reata Park Magic

This year came with many surprises, but ultimately, surprises make life exciting right!? what would life be if it were normal and planned anyway? I have to applaud and laugh, this session turned out BEAUTIFUL, but not without a little rain to kick it off. in fact, we were in our cars texting each other to RESCHEDULE. When all of a sudden, the sky cleared and the most beautiful array of color and depth filled the sky…

Yeah …. and to think we almost rescheduled!?

Anyway, this bunch are classified as a family of troopers, and we had so much fun, with such a variety of backgrounds to choose from. I love this park for that reason. One angle, it feels like fall, the next, it’s like you’re in a quaint cottage town, and turn around once more, and you’ll find groves of beautiful lemons all in a row ready for photographing.

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, they really were that CUTE!!!

Spring Baby Announcement

The cat is out of the bag, but the bun… is in… the OVEN !! This was an incredibly fun time spent with parents to be. This is their first child, and the joy was so prevalent. They’re love for each other shines through so perfectly in these images.

Just as the going getting good, I found the best lighting, and the gorgeous sun flare ! Below is my favorite image of the day….

Irvine, Quail Hill

Capitalizing on every last bit of sunlight and late summer night before the daylight savings steals our evenings! There is a time and place for everything, and this time, and place were both made for this photoshoot to happen. I often joke that I am a sun chaser. This session brought a whole new meaning to this adage… We were running up and down this trail in the final minutes of sunlight, popping balloons, chasing confetti, cleaning up confetti, and everything in between! I always have so much fun on my jobs, and the best part is that the parents are always a little uneasy until they see the final result. This was purely MAGICAL. I cannot wait for more sessions at this location!!!


Mission Viejo Park Trail, Engagement

This Gorgeous Couple need not any words for their amazing abilities in front of a camera. Feeling like this looks really authentic? That’s because IT IS!! We had an incredible bout of clear skies, the gorgeous colors of dusk rolling over the hillside could not have set the mood any better. These two were fun, and so smitten, and it was my honor to photograph this special time of engagement as they prepare for marriage!

Redlands, CA – Umbrellas

Make way for the princess! This beautiful little one has a personality bursting with life. The age where ice cream is utilized as a tool for a smile, and baby brother wants to follow you around because it looks like fun to spin around and jump off stairs! We had a great time, and I LOVE how these photos came out! See for yourself why I love shooting in Redlands.


I can’t think of a better color for such a happy girl. Kids are my favorite clients because they are still young enough to not care what they look like, or keep themselves from acting silly. Those, my friends, are where the truly magical shots lie – in silly, confident, and care free moments.

Corona Del Mar – Baby Shower

Welcome, welcome, welcome baby !!! This was such a wonderful theme and party put on by my friends at The Event Loft. They have a great eye for what makes a party a sensation… my job is the easy one, really. I play the fly on the wall, capturing special moments. It’s fun for me to cover these events. Everyone is happy, and there is an air of excitement and energy that fills the room. Not to mention mom gets showered by loving family and friends, all in preparation for the miracle that is a newborn baby!! Here are some of my favorites. The theme is ‘story time’ and it’s so cute you’re going to want to call up my friends to host your next party too! ….. and then, of course, book me to capture it (hehe).



The ribbons and crowns and teddy bears were a nice touch. Everything brought you back to your childhood with the decorations. Take the actual story books that lined each table as a center piece, not to mention tea and scones.


I would love to have a ‘do over’ of this party… just because it was such a beautiful event, that I want to relive it!

If you’re interested, let’s connect!



1st Birthday

This precious girl is one year old! I had the opportunity to take photos of her older brother when he was just a little baby a few years ago.

The theme of this session was cleverly decided. Mom created the best little tea party and got daddy in on the fun too. They were so sweet and the babies behaved so nicely. You can tell by the images, she is one happy little girl. What an amazing shoot and even more amazing family!

She kept reaching for the biggest tea pot right in the middle of the shoot. It was probably the cutest little bargain I ever made with any person, ever. She would trade the baby tea cups for the bigger sugar pots and finally she decided she just wanted the HUGE tea pot ! So precious, her little fingers and big brown eyes were my favorite.

If you’re interested in family portraits, please fill out the contact sheet below and someone on the team will reach out within 24 hours!