Newport Beach – Wedding

This wedding was one for the books. I mean *picture* perfect. I had so much fun, and the best part is that I didn’t even have to do hardly any heavy lifting… I mean… The wedding was in one location start to finish!! The bride and groom had the ceremony and reception all in a family friend’s backyard. How amazing and intimate is that. Enjoy these images of the couple, their decor, and the AMAZING oyster bar!


San Clemente/Oak Glen- Senior Session

Senior sessions have been filling up my time like no other these past few weeks!! Such exciting times for families and their graduates! This session was a two-fer, we shot some at the San Clemente Pier and then a few in Oak Glen (the cutest little apple picking town EVER). Oak glen is a hidden gem, and I am exposing it !!! OOPS, that’s ok, these pics are too good not to share, enjoy!



Photo Essay

Photojournalism tells a story through pictures. As a photographer, engaging these assignments is quite an honor. For one, I got to spend real time as a journalist getting to know the subject and telling his story through photography. Additionally, I gained a couple friends and an understanding for a culture outside of my own.

This was an assignment submitted for an art show that received nomination for awards in best photography. ENJOY!



Any soccer player would understand the symbolism of this photograph. The tattered ball and the clean pair of Nike’s is all part of the game. The story here lies in the Wilson soccer ball and the control exhibited by his skillful touch.


A man who understands a woman willingly smiles for iPhone selfies.


His whole life has been spent with a ball glued to his feet. He played in France, Romania, Spain and Sweden, as well at universities in the United States and Canada. He introduced me to some European customs that he picked up along the way.



My favorite of the bunch. In photography terms, this is a pan. It shows the intensity, and the motion that symbolizes soccer, the world sport.Nick6

Could anything beat this moment? So sweet, at the end of the day  we all need a friend to watch a sunset with.


This image is another one of my favorites. Imagine the hours it has taken him to perfect the skill. They say that mastery is a 10,000 hour practice. This has got me wondering, how many hours has he spent in training, in preparation for skills that seem impossible to most.


He greets his girlfriend with such a loving demeanor. The kisses on the sides of the cheek are a cultural custom he picked up while in France. Fantastic display of affection.Nick8

What a view. The sun was setting this day at the perfect location, and he was messing around with the ball as I hid and watched and waited for the perfect opportunity at the money shot.


Newborn Photos


Newborn Photos for baby Mila! 

Newborn photos for baby Mila were a huge success! She had a difficult time falling asleep, but we waited patiently for her to shut her little eyes and go right to sleep with some cute lullaby music from mama’s phone. She is the sweetest baby girl. It’s funny how newborns aren’t aware of how adorable they are. In fact, they don’t even realize they are alive!! Undoubtedly, her little toes, and sleeping baby face made the patience for her snoozing worth the time. Scroll to see for yourself.

If you are expecting parents and are looking for an experience of maternity and newborn photography, let’s get in touch! Leave me a comment below, and I will get back to you soon!

Victoria Beach Maternity

Victoria Beach Maternity

HELLO friends, I hope you’re kicking this new year off with a  BANG! Speaking of kicking, I had the awesome opportunity to capture a beautiful Victoria Beach Maternity session for a couple who are some super talented soccer players. You know that baby is having a field day kicking around in momma’s tum tum 😉 !! The mood/inspiration for this shoot was set by dramatic burgundy tones and an enchanting sunset. Scroll down for the story and a sample of my faves (as well as some comedy… Daddy’s got some jokes!)

The Shoot

This beautiful momma-to-be was such a TROOPER. Notice that she’s in bare feet, okay, and those rocks are like little daggers with every step! She insisted on continuing bare foot through the entire hour and a half. Why? Because she’s a tough cookie, that’s why!! It was also pretty chilly with the wind, but again, she wanted to be captured raw, and I loved that about her. I’m so inspired by pregnant women. She has been carrying a small human inside of her for 30 weeks, and that in itself is an incredible feat. Dad was also so fun to work with. Their baby girl is going to be so loved and absolutely spoiled with THE COOLEST BABY NIKE SHOES I HAVE EVER SEEN. Honestly I think they have about 6 pairs haha! What do you expect from two former college soccer players?

I featured this image on my Instagram page (@rosee_creatives) because it really spoke to me as a photographer! Look at her passion for crying out loud. It’s so beautiful to see her investment and recognize her own beauty in the process of carrying a child. Again.. Inspiring.

This was my first time photographing at Victoria Beach in Laguna! I loved the easy access to the sand and the fact that there were other legitimate photographers roaming around with their clients. It’s kind of fun to see what others are inspired by.

More Precious Moments

When I was capturing the shots by the Victoria Beach tower, I was taken back by how well the scene depicted this fairytale kind of surreal Victorian scene. It reminds me of Rapunzel like it was straight out of a storybook. They made it look so romantic as well which is just an added bonus!



Before the shoot, I hopped in their car to find parking close by, because, let’s be real Laguna Beach is not notorious for great parking. I barely fit because they had picked up these super awesome beachball balloons. They were cream, burgundy, and all types of fun and we were able to incorporate some really beautiful shots with them as the sun was setting. The timing of it was tricky and I had to move super quick and be on my toes and have laser focussed vision because there was only about a 10 minute span when the wind died down and the sun was still giving enough natural light to the scene to take some great shots.

Dad’s Got Jokes

As promised, here are some of the playful shots. My favorite is the one where she doesn’t know he is photobombing her with his pseudo pregnant belly. Guys, how do you distend your stomach’s so far!?! It’s very disturbing, but makes for some good comedy haha.

Love Editing

After this shoot, I am totally looking forward to having more maternity sessions coming up! I think one thing that distinguishes my work from others, is that I literally spend hours going through each photograph I take and find its value. Sure, not every shot is a winner, and some are downright losers when I forget to adjust the lighting in a new location, but when I feel it, I spend the extra energy to pull out the emotion in the details. I use my own presets as well! The color corrections I have used for this shoot are based off my Rosee Preset “less purple”.


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Newport Beach Wedding- Rosee Creatives

Newport Beach Wedding

Hey friends, welcome to my post: Newport Beach Wedding. Here you will see a snippet of my work from one of my favorite weddings in 2017. You can find out more about me and all the fun projects I have worked on here.

Rosee Creatives Wedding Shoot

 I enjoy details, and I understand that every little aspect of the wedding is important, consequently I spend hours editing photos of rings and decor. In my opinion, the floral arrangements, seating chart, and wedding cake are truly what make the wedding a wedding. Ask any photographer, the bride and groom always appreciate the great photos like those of grandma smiling at the dress. My favorite photos of the bride and groom are the candids, which require skill in capturing. Most of all, It gives me so much joy to encapsulate the emotion of the moment. Now, I invite you to let your eyes wander below. I attached some photos from my favorite wedding this year.

Newport Beach Wedding

Since it’s now December, and I’ve shot my last wedding of 2017, I thought I would share my favorite shoot from this year. First, I must mention the colors were gorgeous. The rich purples, and lush greens of the venue were so aesthetically appealing. Let me tell you, my senses were so happy to edit these pics later on. It seemed like we were in a dreamy enchanted forest. In addition, the cake and floral arrangements so eloquently matched the overall elegance of the setting. Not to mention the bride was so gorgeous.

I loved the way that they looked at each other with so much love, and smiles so bright that I myself couldn’t stop smiling. I have attached the moments of their intimate looks at each other because I think they pertain most to the theme of the wedding. This story is of a beautiful bride and her handsome husband who love each other more than words can express.



This bride had some amazing vendors at the ceremony:

Hair and Makeup: Ashley Gannon

Florist: Love N’ Bloom

Venue: Environmental Nature Center

Cake: Sweet Legal Eats

This venue was spectacular. The different vendors also pulled off an amazing scenery that made the entire experience lovely and affordable.


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3 Reasons to Shop Pottery Barn

3 Reasons to Shop Pottery Barn

Rosee Creatives

As if you really need more than one…

From the atmosphere,  to the friendly staff and all the classic/modern/FESTIVE decor in between… Do you really need any more reasons to shop at Pottery Barn? Recently, I had the opportunity to set up a pop-up shop in Pottery Barn at South Coast Plaza. Provided that it was during Christmas season, my Holly Jolly heart was delighted. Surely, you won’t mind feasting your eyes on my favorite holiday pieces, which I have attached below. Still contemplating? If you’re not sold by my sentiment, then allow me to charm you with my words: 3 Reasons to Shop Pottery Barn.

Where to Begin…

I somehow always find myself ending up in Pottery Barn after a long day of perusing the mall. There is something so comforting about daydreaming in a store that feels like home (my want to be home). The best part, the staff never questions my (probably weird) tendencies toward making their workplace my second living room. Every time, I ask myself: “Why am I in here, again?”. Then again, I’m not so shocked at all. Pottery Barn has a long history of superb customer service and engaging staff members, not to mention they service top quality, specialized products.

3 Reasons to Shop Pottery Barn

  1. GUIDANCE – Online & In-store

Their website has an entire  blog section on Tips & Ideas. The saving grace to my apartment living woes! Here, they have compiled some really neat articles that answer basic design questions, give ideas by room, and offer fantastic style advice for those of us who do not specialize in feng shui… #guilty.

Seriously, they are giving these Pinterest worthy tips to us, for FREE! Not to mention, if you go in to a Pottery Barn store, you can be guaranteed quality advice for designing a room that is totally you. Looking to spruce up your design game? You can make a free in-store design appointment here.

2. Their Blog – Relating and Connecting

My favorite links involve the creative ways to utilize small spaces. After all, every inch counts! In addition, they offer countless “how to” blog postings (for free) that range anywhere from customized crafts, to throwing a memorable cocktail party, all the way down to delicious desserts.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, Pottery Barn is always looking for Instagrammers, Tweeters, and brand influencers to utilize their products with hashtag #Mypotterybarn. In other words, they believe in their products and their customers so much that they want YOU to share your application of the aesthetics.

At Pottery Barn, they appreciate efforts that help give back. They are connected to the programs that we, as customers, truly care about. They focus heavily on initiatives to helping the environment by utilizing eco-friendly raw materials and a “Green” approach to waste.

3. Like Momma’s House

“Momma I’m home!!!” Growing up, I have memories of my mom obsessing over Pottery Barn. There’s a familiarity to it that actually makes me feel as if it’s my home. Granted, styles have changed over the years, yet the principles of their marketing and what they stand for has remained the same. In 1986 the original Pottery Barn brand was purchased by William Sonoma, which has since enhanced the quality and craftsmanship of their products.

Their mission statement:




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Engaged in Dana Point

Engaged in Dana Point

Butterflies flutter in my tummy and chills rush down my spine every time I shoot moments of surprise. This, coupled with the fact that proposals are super fun to plan and to shoot, intensifies the mood by 100.  Mix together the passion, love, and the sentiment, and viola, you have a beautiful surprise proposal session on your hands. This post: Engaged in Dana Point , inspires me in so many ways by the love that was so effortlessly portrayed by this couple! Read on for the story, some pics of the couple, and the beautiful bling bling engagement ring!

Kody & Sophie

Kody and Sophie have been together for four years! They are your classic high school sweethearts and just absolutely adore each other. As I have gotten to know them, I see their hearts are completely for each other. It’s a beautiful thing! Kody had been planning to surprise Sophie with the question, and methodically planned out a romantic date for their four year anniversary that had a super sweet ending. He gathered their closest friends to plan, and execute, calling all hands on deck to create an absolutely GORGEOUS scenery overlooking the ocean in Dana Point.

The Gazebo

It was such an incredible atmosphere as I watched their friends set up the scene. The Gazebo went through a complete makeover, and the passerby’s couldn’t help but stop and comment on what a brilliant decorating job everyone had done. As time drew closer, the candles were lit, the stage was set, and the waiting began. Kody walked Sophie down the path of a candlelit, rose petaled aisle while I captured her reaction stealthily behind a bush (a rosee bush hehe 😉 …). Her face was priceless, and even in tears she looked flawless and incredibly happy!

I don’t know how men do it, but Kody absolutely owned it! This moment left me with a tear in my eye, but I made myself snap out of it. After all, I had to focus on the angles (hehe). When the initial shock wore off, they were both elated, the tears stopped, and I had never seen one girl smile so big! She could not stop staring at the gorgeous bling that sat on top of her dainty (nail painted) finger. This session was a huge success on all accounts! Oh yeah… She said YES! hehe